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Richmond Hill School

‘If you believe, you will achieve’


Year 3

Music for Diwali 2021

During our music lesson on Diwali (Thursday 4th November 2021), Mr Strachan helped Year 3 compose some music for a Diwali celebration.  This linked with the work we were doing in RE on planning a Diwali party for our community in Aspatria.


Wheelchair basketball 

Today we took part in wheelchair basketball where children learned about inclusivity in sport. 

Rangoli decorations to celebrate Diwali

As part of our RE unit looking at how Hindus celebrate Diwali, Year 3 developed their scissors skills by having a go at making a Rangoli inspired decoration.

Science STEM Activity Investigating Rock Strength

Year 3 worked in groups to investigate the strength of a variety of rocks.  The children had one minute at each station and had to observe how much rock eroded away after a minute of rubbing two samples of the same rock together.  They then evaluated which rocks were strongest and which were weakest.