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Year 4

Home Learning Support

Be Tech safe. Please watch the following video on internet safety by clicking this link:


Good morning Year 4, I hope you’re all well. Well done on completing another week of home learning.  This week you will be learning about shape and also completing some transition activities. Please find this weeks learning project below. To access click the link:

Daily tasks

3 Min Wake and shake: GoNoodle via YouTube.

Reading: 20/30 minutes daily. This includes newspapers as well as books. Try to read to your child as much as possible too.

TT Rockstars: 20/30 minutes daily.


Access to spelling shed:

Read Write Inc children only: You need to watch set 3 sounds. Daily lessons with Ruth Miskin are available at:



P.E with Joe Wicks. These fabulous 30 minute videos are uploaded daily to his channel. All you have to do is type in P.E with Joe into the search bar using this link: //

You can still continue to send any completed work to me via dojo and if you have any questions at all please, please do not hesitate to ask.


Stay safe, take care.

Miss Watson


Hamilton home learning packs. Try one lesson per day. Click the link for immediate access:



Hamilton home learning packs. Try one lesson per day. Click the link for immediate access:

In addition to the hamilton Talk 4 Writing have also created a Y4 work booklet which can be downloaded and printed. The children use this scheme in school and are familiar with the process. You can complete a couple of pages of 'The King of the Fishes' per week alongside the Hamilton planning. Copy and paste this link into your browser for immediate access:



Our summer topic is sound. This week I would like you to investigate how sound travels and how sounds are made.

Watch this clip:

You can then investigate vibrations by trying out the following: Putting rice on a drum and banging it, twanging a ruler off the end of a table OR pulling an elastic band or a hair bobble between your fingers and asking a friend to twang it gently. Consider the following:

How did you make the object vibrate?

What happened when it vibrated?

What did you hear when the object vibrated?



Our summer topic in History is Mayans. To begin the topic, this week I would like children to research where and when, the ancient remains of the Mayan civilisation were first discovered. Can they then also find out who it was that discovered these ruins.



Have a look at the work of famous artist Victor Vasarely. He was famous for creating some of the earliest pieces of pop art. Try to create a piece of artwork in the style of his work. You can experiment with colours and patterns, note how they are almost like illusions.



If possible, download the Duolingo app to a laptop, computer, phone or tablet.  Using the free version of the app, work through the Basic French Course. Try to do this for 10 minutes daily or one session a week.  You will need to set this up for your child as it requires an e.mail address.



Access to our school portal can be found at:

Other activities to do in and around your home

To enrich your child’s home learning experience further, you may want to try some of the following activities:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Counting and managing money
  • Telling the time
  • Folding clothes
  • Gardening
  • Board/card games

Year 4 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 4!

           Working in Year 4 this year is Miss Watson and Mrs Carter.

Year 4 is a very busy year and we will be working hard to have a successful and fun year.

Spring term

Literacy - we will be learning the process of writing a journey story and writing a newspaper report. In SPAG we will be learning about conjunctions, prepositions and noun phrases, as well as lots of work on prefixes and suffixes.

Numeracy - we will be looking at further multiplication, graphs, fractions and time. We will also be doing lots of times tables practice. 

History - our topic this term is the Anglo-Saxons, Picts and Scots.

Geography - our geography topic this term is volcanoes. 

RE - we are learning about the Jewish celebration Passover  and discussing the concept of forgiveness and the Easter Story in our Christianity lessons.

PE - we will be learning the skills, rules and participating in Tennis, Netball and Dance and Dodgeball lessons. 

Art and DT - we will be developing our drawing and sketching skills and designing, making and evaluating a model of an Anglo-Saxon home. 

Science - our science topics this term are states of matter and electricity.

French - we will be learning our numbers to 40 and all about different routines and places.

Music - our school music teacher Mr Strachan will be taking our music sessions once again this year. These will take place every other week.

Silly Science Workshop

To conclude our celebration of Science Week at Richmond Hill, Year 4 took part in a Silly Science Workshop. We learned about fuel, forces, transferring energy and different substances.

Science Week 2020

This years theme is ‘Our Diverse Planet’ and Year 4 have been learning about what makes our planet so special. We have looked at the structure of Earth, to link with our Geography topic, learned about global warming and we have also investigated the effects of water pollution in our Spring 2 STEM Activity.

World Book Day 2020

Today we celebrated the 23rd annual World Book Day. We shared and swapped stories, took part in a class readathon, created comic strips, designed a cover for our favourite books, took part in Miss Watson’s World Book Day Quiz and lots of us decided to dress up as our favourite characters too!

Alien Invasion Day

Today Year 4 visited Beacon Hill School to take part in an Alien Invasion Day. They were investigating the crash landing of a mysterious space craft. Their first job was to use their science skills to investigate samples of Alien blood to determine what type of alien it was they were looking for and where it came from. They then wrote a newspaper report to both inform and warn the local people of Aspatria, that there was an alien on the loose. Finally, they used their mathematical skills to figure out who the alien was and whose human form they had taken. We had an excellent day! 


As part of our RE topic this half term we have been learning about Passover. This is a Jewish festival celebrated across the world by many Jews. We had our own Passover celebration in class, trying lots of traditional dishes from the meal. 

Zoo Lab Visit

Year 4 we’re lucky enough to encounter some wild animals this morning, in an interactive talk about Australia and some of its wild animals. The children also discussed the impact the recent fires have had on some of the counties wildlife. 

Spring 1 STEM Activity

The children were challenged to discuss how easy/difficult it would be to swim in open water without a wetsuit in treacherous conditions. There was lots of discussion and ideas of what they would need to consider if they were to make the swim from ‘the island of currents’ to the main land, including lots of mathematics and science as well as geography.

Christmas Stockings

In our DT lessons this half term, Year 4 have been designing, making and evaluating their very own Christmas stocking. They designed it first, then created a prototype before finally making their final design, ready for the arrival of the big man.

Autumn 2 STEM Activity

Today Year 4 took part in their second STEM activity of the year. Their challenge was to work as a team to make a sturdy structure out of marshmallows and spaghetti. It was a little bit sticky! 

Awful Egyptians

On Thursday 19th September Year 4 had an amazing afternoon watching horrible histories ‘The Awful Egyptians’ at the Sand Centre. We learned lots of new facts about the Egyptians while laughing from start to finish. We also had a few frights when wearing out 3D glasses as the objects jumped out at us.

Talk for writing - A suspense tale

Today in Year 4 we have been learning a suspense story which we enjoyed putting actions to. We also did some drama to help us internalise the text. Take a look at some of our final performances.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Autumn 1 STEM Activity

Today Year 4 did their first STEM challenge. They had to work collaboratively in partners to design and make a maze that a marble could go through from one side to the other. We had some very creative designs.

Science Week 2019

As part of this years Science Week theme of journeys on Earth and beyond Year 4 have designed some resilient rovers. In groups children were set the task of designing a space rover that would be able to zoom around the moon. We started by looking at some real space rovers and making a list of what we thought was important success criteria for our design. It was very important for us to think about the surface of the moon when designing our wheels and storage space for carrying important equipment. I think you will agree from the final designs which were presented to the rest of the class they all did a brilliant job!

World Book Day 2019


In Year 4 we have had a  Day celebrating World Book Day. All the children have made a great effort with their costumes and have enjoyed sharing their favourite books. In our numeracy lesson we had to solve ‘The mystery of the winning world Book Day costume’ by solving the clues. We have also enjoyed drawing some of our favourite character selfies. In the afternoon we we were also very lucky to have a visit from the author Malcolm Judge as part of our World Book Day celebrations. He came in to share with us his journey to becoming an author and tell us all about the stories he has wrote. Children also had the opportunity to ask questions and after the session he signed copies of his books.

Egyptians pharaohs 


We are loving our new topic ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ in Year 4. Last week in our topic lesson we looked at famous pharaohs and why they were so important. Then in our art lesson we turned ourselves into pharaohs. Take a look at what we would of looked like if we were a famous pharaoh. 

Roman purses

Take a look at the fantastic Roman purses which the children in Year 4 have made. Children had to design, create and evaluate their very own Roman purse during our DT lessons. We had to evaluate how successful our design was by testing the drawstrings worked correctly and that it was fit for purpose keeping our money safe.

Roman gods and goddesses 

In our art lessons we researched the different Roman gods and goddesses and what it was they were the god and goddess of. After our research we each designed our own picture of them using the key information we found out. 

Roman Purses

In DT this term we have deisigned, created and evaluated a Roman purse. The children had to think very carefully about how to ensure their Roman purse was successful and fit for purpose. Take a look at the fantastic results! 


Reading treat 

Well done to Year 4 for achieving their first target on our class reading challenge. We celebrated with a reading time treat of biscuits, juice and by sharing our favourite books. 

Tullie House - Roman session 


Today we were very lucky in Year 4 as we had a special visitor from Tullie House come in to deliver a Roman session. We learnt lots of new facts about the Roman Empire and had the opportunity to handle some Roman replicas. Some children also had the chance to try on some Roman costumes. 

This year our first topic is the Romans. The children have already made a super start to this topic and are extremely keen to find out more. Please find attached a copy of the complete topic overview and what we will be covering this term.

Halloween in Year 4

We all had a super Halloween in Year 4 with lots of activities. We started our spooky day with a challenge called ‘The mystery of the Halloween game’. The children had to work in groups to complete a series of maths problems to solve the clues. After this we had lots of fun playing bingo, creating masks and apple bobbing. 

Roald Dahl Day 

As part of Roald day Year 4 took part in a competition to design a new bug buddy for James and the giant Peach. All children loved using their creative skills to design their own new bug. Take a look at a few of the fantastic designs! 

Year 4 reading challenge


Today in Year 4 we have started our new reading challenge to earn rewards for scoring 100% on accelerated reader quizzes. We have a lottery wheel displayed in class which we are aiming to fill full of lottery balls. Each time a child scores 100% on a quiz they get a 100% ball and stick it onto our lottery machine. Each time we reach one of the prize lines children will be rewarded with a class treat.



Freddy Fit


The whole school had a great time with Freddy Fit who came in to demonstrate a range of ways to keep fit. We enjoyed learning a range of new skills and completing some tricky challenges together. We look forward to bringing some of these new skills into our PE lessons.

Welcome to Year 4 - 2018

We have a very exciting year ahead filled with lots of exciting new topics and challenges. Keep an eye out on this page for what we get up to in Year 4! 

Our topics this year: 

Autumn - The Romans

Spring - The Egyptians

Summer - Countries of the world 

As well as these topics we will also be looking at WW1 to mark 100 years since the end of the war. 

Senhouse Roman Museum 


This half term for our topic work about the Romans we visited the Senhouse Roman museum in Maryport. The children took part in a range of fascinating activities and learned lots of new interesting facts. Children had the opportunity to handle real life artefacts as ell as climb to the top of the watch tower.

Tennis lessons 



Year 4 had a brilliant day taking part in lots of Halloween activities and crafts finished off with a fun game of stand up bingo. Take a look at what we got up to.

Cricket sessions


Year 4 thoroughy enjoyed thier cricket sessions this term with our cricket coach John. Over the 7 weeks all the children developed their cricket skills and really enjoyed themselves.

Welcome back to Year 4! I hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for an exciting year ahead. Please find attached a copy of the Year 4 curriculum and the areas in which we will be covering this year.

Our three topics this year are:
Autumn term - Romans

Spring term - Ancient Egyptians

Summer term - Countries of the world


The Digestive System


We are learning about the digestive system.  We drew this on t-shirts and labelled the different parts including the oesophagus, stomach and small and large intestines.


Science investigation on tooth decay


Last week Year 4 carried out an experiment to investigate tooth decay. We used eggs and placed them into four different drinks. Throughout the week we monitored the effect the different liq