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School Name

Richmond Hill School

‘If you believe, you will achieve’


Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Head Teacher:                           Mrs H Ford  

Deputy Head Teacher:            Mrs R Blair

SENCO:                                       Miss C Ostle

Administration Manager      Mrs Cattanach


Class Teachers:

Nursery                                      Miss M O'Neil

Reception                                  Miss C Ostle

Year 1                                         Miss Newbon

Year 2                                         Mrs L Vailionis

Year 3                                         Mrs S Maxwell

                                                    Mrs C Jenkins                      

Year 4                                         Miss E Watson

Year 5                                         Mrs J Robinson

Year 6                                         Mrs R Blair


Music Specialist:                       Mr S Strachan







Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Miss L Irving 

Mrs A Jefferson 


Teaching Assistants:

Miss K Dickinson

Mrs J Carter

Mrs K Kyffin

Mrs K Scott

Mrs S Little

Mrs J Barton

Mrs J Volkers

Classroom Support and 1:1

Mr B Thomson

Miss S Blake

Miss T Hardon

2 year old provision 

Mrs A Coates

Mrs J Mossop

Miss D Scott

Miss E Carruthers




Kitchen Team:  

Mrs H Turner (Team Leader)

Mrs F Barr


Mid-day Supervisors:    

Mrs C Thomson

Mrs S Wilson

Mrs B Oglanby

Mrs J Harrison

Mrs S Beaney

Mrs G Sewell

Mrs S King

Mrs D Rudd (Relief)



Mr P Irving



Mrs F Barr

Mrs J Wilson


School Crossing Patrol:

Mr J Wright