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Year 1

As you are aware we have changed our home learning system. These will be added above on a weekly basis.


Additional to this, could you please carry on with these activities daily:



Other activities such as these are also good if you would like to do them but it is totally optional:


Home Learning 14.04.20-17.04.20


Hello Year 1, I hope you've had a nice Easter break and made lots of memories with your family whilst staying safe. As school remains closed, I will be updating the class page weekly. Please complete the activities that I have mentioned below.


Phonics: For phonics, I would like Year 1 to continue with Read Write Inc. Each day, they should watch and join in with Ruth Miskin's speed sound lesson (if you unsure of what set your child is in, please Dojo me). 

After the speed sound lesson, I would like you to dictate some words or sentences for your child to spell. They should contain today's new sound or previously taught sounds.


Literacy: Please follow the literacy planning for Year 1 week 1 in the learning at home section. There are a range of activities to complete daily and some fun extras to complete. 


Maths: Before any maths lesson, please practise 2s, 5s and 10 timetables. Then, please follow the maths planning for Year 1 week 1 in the learning at home section. You will be given the option of mild (easier) or hot (harder) questions to complete. Remember to check your answers. 


Science: This half term, we would have been identifying plants. This week, I would like you to read through the PowerPoint with your child and if possible, complete the activity sheet whilst on a daily walk. 


History: This half term, we would have been learning about castles. This week, I would like you read through the PowerPoint with your child. After reading the PowerPoint, label the different parts of a castle. and 


PE: It's very important for our physical and mental health that we all stay active. Therefore, I would like you to either complete or 


DT: This half term, we would have been focusing on cooking. Therefore, it would be fantastic if you could do some baking this week. 


Twinkl: To set up Twinkl, go to and enter the code: UKTWINKLHELPS Once logged in, you can access the KS1 resource option. You can then select activities based on the topics that I have mentioned above. 


Other websites that will be beneficial are:    Logins are in their Reading Records  Username: march20   Password: home


Your child will also learn by:

  • Baking
  • Setting up a shop and paying for food at meal/snack times
  • Board games
  • Lego
  • Helping with jobs
  • Writing a diary
  • Drawing and colouring


I would love to see what work you have been getting up to. Therefore, this can be sent to me on Dojo and please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.


Thank you, Miss Newbon.



Autumn Term  2019-2020


Welcome to Year One, this term we will be settling into our class and establishing new routines as the children transition from EYFS to KS1. 


The staff that will be working in Year One are:

Teacher -Miss Newbon

HLTA- Mrs Jefferson

Teaching Assistant - Miss Wilson


Phonics- We will be following Read Write Inc.

Literacy- We will be reading Room on the Broom and focusing on the vocabulary used in the story. We will also be covering ‘The Papaya that Spoke’ which is a journey tale. This will be covered through Talk for Writing.

Maths- We will be focusing on numbers to 10, addition and subtraction with numbers to 10 and number bonds.

Science- We will be identifying and naming animals, particularly looking at mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds. We will also be focusing on carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

History-We will be developing our understanding of toys. We will be discussing and describing our favourite toys and gaining an understanding of how toys have changed and what toys were like in the past.

Geography- We will be covering where we live.

RE- We will be reflecting on how we are special, how God made us special and who is special to us.

PE- We will be developing our gross motor skills by participating in ball games and learning the correct techniques of skipping. 

Art- We will be focusing on colour and identifying primary and secondary colours, as well as making lighter and darker shades.


In Year One, the children have their phonics screening check. To support your child further, here is a link to a phonics website with lots of engaging games


We also follow Read Write Inc as our phonics scheme - therefore it would be beneficial for you to visit for further information on how to support your child's development and to understand what they are learning in school.


We are really looking forward to the year ahead :)



Spring term 2019-2020


This half term, Year One will be learning about the following:


Phonics- We will continue to use Read Write Inc to develop reading and writing.

Maths- We will be focusing on numbers to 20, addition and subtraction with numbers to 20, shapes, patterns, length and height. We will then move on to numbers to 40.

Science- We will be observing seasonal changes and identifying the weather conditions and how the day varies. We will then move on to identifying materials.

History-We will be looking at famous explorers - Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.

Geography- We will be learning about different countries from around the world.

RE- We will be discussing friendship and answering the question 'was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?.' Then we will be learning the Easter story.

PSHE - We will be setting some dreams and goals.

PE- We will be learning new dance techniques and gymnastics.

DT- We will be learning how to make moving pictures using lots of different mechanisms.

Art- We will be focusing on drawing.

Design and Technology - Moving Pictures


This half term, our topic in DT is 'Moving Pictures.' Year One have had lots of fun making moving mechanisms. They have been investigating how to use sliders, levers and pivots.

Science week 2020


This year's science week is all about 'Our Diverse Planet.' We have linked it into our topic 'Materials.' Year One have been very busy sorting materials into natural and man-made. They then got given the job of recycling materials and bringing them in to school, we discussed the importance of recycling and how the materials can be used to make new things, we had some great ideas. We had lots of materials left over, so we went for a walk to the recycling bins in our town. Year One then created their own poster to teach others about how we can help our planet. To conclude the week, we enjoyed an afternoon of silly science.

World Book Day 2020


We all enjoyed dressing up and participating in today's world book day activities. The children made bookmarks, coloured in their favourite characters, wrote a character description, did an A-Z character competition, went on a book hunt and paired up to read with Year 6.

Around the World - Geography


This half term, Year One have been learning about countries from around the world. This week, they have learnt about USA and made their own pinwheels, then they learnt about Brazil and made masks that would be worn to the Mardi Gras. We then imagined that we were performing at the Rio Carnival. 


Still image for this video



Year One enjoyed their Zoolab experience this afternoon. They were all very eager to hold and learn about the different reptiles and insects. What a brave class!



RE - Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?


To end our RE topic of 'Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?' Year One reflected on what a good friend means and who is a good friend to them and why. They then made their good friend a friendship bracelet to thank them for always being there for them. 

Art - drawing


During our art session this week, Year One have been exploring mark making. The children were given a selection of materials where they had to experiment and make their own mark making tool.

Chinese themed afternoon


As part of our geography topic 'Around the World' and Chinese New Year, Year One have participated in a number of Chinese activities- they have used chopsticks to taste Chinese food, made Chinese dragons and drums and written their name in Chinese.

Circus Skills Workshop


Year One enjoyed participating in the circus skills workshop this afternoon. 

Exploring the senses 

Over the last few weeks, we have had lots of fun in our science lessons exploring the 5 different senses- sight, touch, smell, taste and hear.


STEM Challenge


Our Stem challenge this half term was to make an igloo out of marshmallows. Year One showed excellent communication skills and team work. They discussed what structure would be best to support their igloo and used their mathematics to count the marshmallows and discuss the sizing.

Christmas Fair 2019


For the Christmas fair, Year One made some snowmen cups that got filled with popcorn and some melted snowmen biscuits. Yummy!

Walk around Aspatria - identifying local features


Our geography topic this half term is 'Where do I live?' Therefore, we took the children for a walk around their hometown. We identified a fire station, some shops, bus shelters, a church, chapels, a petrol station, a care home, takeaways, a café, a charity shop, two schools, a park, hairdressers, tennis courts, a bowling green, public toliets, statues, a war memorial ground, cadets, an opticians and a bank.

Values Day


At Richmond Hill School, we ensure that the children adhere to our school values. Therefore, each class took part in a range of activities organised by different teachers to teach them the following: respect, kindness, honesty, confidence, happiness, being supportive, safety and friendship. Here are some pictures of Year One doing their activities.

Children in Need 2019


Thank you for all of the kind donations towards a fantastic charity. Year One enjoyed getting cosy whilst eating their snacks and watching a film at their slumber party. They also used tissue paper and finger painting to design their own Pudsey bear. 

Retelling the birth of baby Jesus


We used drama to act out the birth of baby Jesus. Everyone worked very well together and showed good listening skills.

Design and Technology - Homes


This half term, Year 1 are looking at Homes during our DT session. To begin with, we looked at different types of homes and identified the different shapes. Next, we worked in small groups and chose suitable materials to create our models, we had some fantastic results. This week, we were creating interior features for inside our homes.

Halloween 2019


Wow Year One, what a super effort for Halloween this year- you all looked fantastic. We’ve been very busy this week making paper chains, cardboard pumpkins, rice crispie pumpkins, apple printing and we even got to paint our hands to make some spiders. 🕷🕸🎃

Mini Beast Hunt


As part of our science topic ‘identifying animals’ we went on a mini beast hunt and collected and analysed our data. We mostly found snails and spiders. 🕷

HMPS Manchester visit


Year One enjoyed meeting the police dog today. They were very good at asking the police officer questions.


Toys Past and Present 


We did a great job at identifying old and new toys. We thought of some great adjectives to describe them, then we got to play with them. We had lots of fun.

Roald Dahl Day


At the beginning of the day, all of Year One were given a golden ticket to invite them to take part in today’s activities.


We read extracts from George’s Marvellous Medicine, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr Fox. The children they designed their own chocolate bar wrapper, made bookmarks, made masks and coloured in their favourite characters.


We went outdoors to find different objects such as sticks, mud, grass, and leaves. We then added water and mixed everything together to create the end result of our own marvellous medicine.


Superhero Poetry


We used our best descriptive language today to work together and create some fabulous Superhero poems!

Supertato: The Evil Pea is on the loose..

In Year One, we have had a very exciting term so far with a special visit from a very small, very green and very Evil Pea! The children were challenged to write the Evil Pea a letter to persuade him to return our Super Veggies but unfortunately the pea didn't listen. Thankfully, the children worked hard to set a trap and we caught him! The Evil Pea has now been marched back to the freezer where he belongs.

Children will be using this exciting story as a basis for their own 'defeating the monster' style tales in the coming weeks. Watch this space for our stories...

Superhero Stories- We worked in a team to act out different parts of the Superhero story. Here is one group showing the beginning, build-up and resolution to a story.

We had lots of fun this Halloween. We dressed up in our scariest costumes and took part in lots of exciting activities!

Welcome to Year One 2018/19


Please see below for a termly overview of our learning this year:


Autumn 2018 'All About Me'


Welcome to Year 1!



Our key text this term will be 'The Tiger who came to tea'. Children will use this as a basis for their own stories about an animal that comes to tea at their house. Children will also write character descriptions, wanted posters, learn how to sequence a story and how to retell their story like real storytellers.

Children will then use their senses to write some Seasonal poems, focusing on descriptive language.



Reading regularly at home helps to cultivate a love of reading and develops confidence. As well as reading daily with your children at home, please encourage your child to read things in daily life such as signs, posters and leaflets. We will read everyday at school, encouraging children to read in groups, individually to adults and also independently.

To support children with their reading and writing, weekly spelling homework will be sent home and children will be assessed on these spellings the following week.

Here is a link to a phonics website with lots of engaging games that will support your child with their phonics learning:


Also, make sure you have a look on the Ruth Miskin, Read Write Inc Website to watch helpful videos to support your child with their reading.



As well as daily maths lessons at school, at home you can help by encouraging children to accurately count objects in daily life e.g. plates, cutlery, pairs of socks, items in a shopping basket. This extra practice will really support their learning in school.



In Science, children will learning all about their senses and how their bodies work. Children will be investigating their like and dislikes and they similarities and differences. They will be behaving like real Scientists to practice and develop their scientific enquiry skills.


Art and Design Technology

In Art, they will be making self-portraits using clay and in Design Technology they will be learning how to model materials to plan and make a photo frame.



In History, children will be thinking about how they have grown over time and will learn about timelines. Children will also learn about the difference between a village, town and city and think about the places they might have been. They will have a go at drawing their own maps of the local area.


Throughout the term, children will also be working hard to develop their skills in Computing, P.E and Music.



P.E will be on a Monday and a Friday. Please ensure children have their whole kit in school at all times, as P.E may in indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.



Children will be rewarded through the use of Class Dojo's, where they can earn enough Dojo's to win prizes over the course of the year. Children's behaviour at playtimes will also be monitored and children making the best choices when they are playing will earn a raffle to ticket to the prize draw during Friday's Celebration assembly.


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to come and ask at the door, or contact me via the class Dojo system.

Miss. Banks


Spring Term 'Superhero's'


Our topic this term is Superhero's and all curriculum activies will be based around this theme e.g. exploring the oceans, making superhero masks and learning about our Superhero's from history. We will use our Design Technology and Art skills to model our vegetables then describe them to the rest of the class.



Children will continue to learn phonics 4 times per week and will read daily in class, either with and adult or in a group.

Reading at home is essential to give your child the opportunity to practice the skills their learn in school. In order to support us with this, please ensure you read with your child and record in their reading record at least 3 times per week.




Children in Year One will be continuing to work on their writing by using the story 'Supertato' by Sue Kendra as a stimulus for writing their own adventure story. Children will be trying hard to remember full stops, capital letters and finger spaces, as well as learning new powerful vocabulary to make their stories exciting!




In Maths, children will be learning about place value, how to use and apply knowledge of number, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Also, we will learn about shapes and measurement.



In Science, children will learning all about materials. The will learn the difference between an object and a material and will learn the properties of these materials. Children will learn to sort materials according to their properties and then give reasons for their choices. Children will develop their enquiry skills by thinking about the question "Which material would be best for a Superhero's cape?". They will then plan an investigation to find answers and draw conclusions.


Art and Design Technology

In Art, children will be planning and designing their own superhero cityscape.

In Design Technology children will be



In History, we will be thinking about other types of Superhero's such as famous explorers. Children will also learn about the different oceans on our planet and how the weather changes from the North Pole to the South Pole.


Throughout the term, children will also be working hard to develop their skills in Computing, P.E and Music.



P.E will be on a Monday and a Friday. Please ensure children have their whole kit in school at all times, as P.E may in indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.