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Richmond Hill School

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Year 3


During Spring, Year 3 have lots of opportunities to get outside and observe plant life.  In Year 3, children have the chance to grow plants as well as getting to dissect different types of flower.  We think about what conditions plants need to grow successfully.  

Rocks and Soils

Year 3 take a practical approach to learning all about rocks and soils.  We investigate different properties of rocks by rubbing rock samples together.  We also create giant Venn diagrams in our school yard to help us learn about ways of grouping rocks depending on their characteristics.

Light and Shadow

Year 3 love investigating light and shadow through a variety of practical investigations.  We use torches to understand which materials light travels through as well as creating shadow puppets.  To link to our Egyptian unit in history, Year 3 also learn about how ancient civilisations used the Sun to tell the time.  We have a go at making our own sundials and testing out if they work.