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Year 5

Week 12 Home Learning: Shape and Transition

Hello Year 5 (very soon to be Year 6)!!!


Well done on getting to your last week of home learning.  I am so proud of you for making it to this point and continuing to show enthusiasm and independence with your learning. You have gained new and valuable skills during this time and I hope those of you who have helped with gardening, cooking, decorating (to name but a few of the things I have heard you have been getting up to) are able to continue doing these activities in the future.  


This final week of home learning focuses on two areas: shape and transition.  There are lots of imaginative and fun activities to help you explore the properties of shapes, as well as some lovely ideas to help you reflect on this school year and what you want to achieve in September as a Year 6 pupil in Mrs Blair's class. 


I wish you all a lovely summer.  Relax and recharge.  I look forward to seeing you back in school in September!  smiley


Mrs Bonnar

Week 11 Home Learning: The Rainforest

Hello Year 5,


Can you believe there are only two weeks left of term before the summer holidays?  You will then be in Year 6!  You have done so well to continue working independently at home and it has been lovely to see some of the work you have been getting up to whilst at home- well done yes.  This week your penultimate home learning is all about the rain forest.  There are some great ideas to help you get better acquainted with the animals and plant life that live in these very special environments.  Please remember to continue with your times tables, reading and spellings daily (on EdShed).  This week's spelling words are below.


Wishing you a great week year 5 smiley


Spellings for the week beginning Monday 6th July:













Week 10 Home Learning: Space

Hello Year 5


I hope you have all had a good week and managed to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine before the more typical Cumbrian rain and clouds returned!  It was lovely seeing some of you on Monday on the Zoom lesson- I hope you enjoyed it.  This week's home learning theme is space.  As you have already covered space earlier in Year 5 you will hopefully have a bit of a head start on this topic.  There are lots of great ideas on the project sheet, including the chance to write a story or newspaper report on the moon landing and to follow the cycle of the moon over a 28 days.  As always please forward me pictures of your work if you would like to share it- it always cheers me up to see what you have been up to.

This week's spellings are below and are also set on EdShed for you to work on.  


Wishing you a great week,


Mrs Bonnar smiley


Spellings for week beginning Monday 29th June:











Week 9 Home Learning: Sports

Hello Year 5.  Now that summer is well underway (let's hope the weather remembers this), this week's home learning gives you lots of opportunities to get outside and challenge yourselves with different types of sports. There are even ideas about planning and participating in your own garden sport's day.  I know many of you love your sport so I am sure you will have lots of fun with these tasks.  As the premier league football has restarted, some of you may like to do a match report about one of the games.  This week we are doing a Zoom lesson. Please get your parents to look out for the invite.  It will be lovely to see as many of you as possible taking part.  


Mrs Bonnar smiley

Week 8 Home Learning: Under the Sea!

Dear Year 5,


This week's home learning looks really interesting as it focuses on our oceans and all the fascinating plants and animals they contain.  There are opportunities for you to develop your maths, literacy and topic skills.  I am sorry I didn't get a message to you last week-the computer crashing on me and in the end I had to admit defeat!  I hope you are all keeping well.  You are doing so well to keep up with your home learning as it has been a long time since many of you have been in school.  Hopefully you are learning to be independent and resourceful which will be a very valuable skill for you later in life.  Don't worry if you have good days and not so good days when it comes to home learning- we know it is difficult and are very proud of all the efforts you have made and continue to make.  


If you feel able to, use either the resources on Hamilton Trust or Oak National Academy for ready-to-go lessons for both literacy and numeracy:


This weeks spellings are:  











Remember you can learn these spellings using 'EdShed' to support you.  Can you get your name on the leader board?  


Finally, remember to keep-up with your daily tasks:  reading, spellings and times tables.


Have a great week Year 5, Mrs Bonnarsmiley

Week 7 Home Learning: Celebrations

Home Learning Week 6: The Environment

Dear Year 5,

It has now been a long time since you have been in school and we miss you all lots!  I hope you have managed to enjoy the lovely sunny weather over the half-term and are now ready to get stuck into some new learning challenges.  It takes a lot of self-discipline to motivate yourself to work from home but I have been very impressed to see some of the fantastic pieces of work you have been getting up to yes.  


This week's home learning project is all about the environment.  There are lots of opportunities for you to be creative as well as to develop your writing skills.  Please send examples of your work if you can, either through Dojo or via my email   


As we have now been out of school for many weeks, I would like you to try and do a bit of maths and literacy each day if you can manage it.  Some of you have been following the Hamilton Trust planning for these subjects and if you are enjoying that please continue with that .  An alternative site, which is video led, is the Oak National Academy               On this site a teacher will guide you through a daily literacy lesson and a daily maths lesson.  For literacy I suggest you begin with lessons 1-5 Genre Focus - Setting Description.  For maths I suggest you follow Transformations lessons 1-5.  Before you can begin each lesson you will need to complete a short quiz.  


Finally please remember to keep up with your daily tasks:  reading, spellings and times tables.


Spellings for week beginning Monday 1st June













Have a great week,


Mrs Bonnar smiley

Home Learning Week 5: Animals

Hello Year 5,


I hope you are all keeping well and are managing to keep busy.  I know it can sometimes be difficult to keep motivated when you are having to learn from home but hopefully if you can get stuck into some of the home learning tasks you will enjoy them and can feel proud of what you have achieved!  I know a lot of you are very interested in animals and therefore you should like the activities in this week's home learning which are all about animals.


Remember you can continue to follow the literacy and numeracy planning from Hamilton Trust if you feel able to

Also if you are interested in history, you may enjoy the fantastic online lessons on the Oak National Academy site.  A teacher will introduce themselves to you before guiding you through each lesson.  As you were looking at WW2 as part of the VE Day celebrations, I think the best lessons for you to look at are in the Year 6 section of the site.  There are three lessons focusing on WW1 and three lessons focusing on WW2.  You could try and work through one or two lessons from the site a week


As always Year 5 please keep up your daily reading, times tables and spellings

This week's spellings are:












smiley Mrs Bonnar


Dear Year 5,  


I hope you enjoyed last week's home learning project all about VE Day.  It has been lovely seeing pictures of the things you have made to celebrate this very special anniversary.  This week we would like you to explore plants.  I know many of you are enjoying your gardens, allotments and daily walks so hopefully you will have lots of opportunities to find flowers and plants to look at.   Some of you are busy growing vegetables and flowers at the moment so you may want to take pictures of what you have been up to.  Please do send any examples of your work either through Dojo or to my school email


Please remember to continue with the following tasks daily if you can:


   * Spelling shed   There is a game set for you to help you learn        this week's spelling list.  You need to play it 5 times before you can have free access          to other spellings.  I have also done a list of this week's spellings below.

   * TT Rock Stars

   * Reading.  Remember you can now quiz on any books you read at home on 

     Accelerated Reader.


Spellings for week beginning Monday 11th May











Home Learning Resource 3 for week beginning Monday 4th May


Hello Year 5.  It has been lovely hearing from your families this week and finding out all about the activities you have been getting up to in recent weeks- lots of baking and gardening  yes.  This week's home learning project celebrates the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  VE Day was the time when guns fell silent making the end of war in Europe.  Years of destruction had finally come to an end.  Millions of people took to the streets and pubs to celebrate peace and mourn for loved ones who had lost their lives.  This Friday 8th of May marks this special anniversary and to celebrate there will be a 'National Toast' at 3 PM from the safety of people's own homes and gardens to thank all the heroes of WW2.  I hope you enjoy working on all the creative and informative VE Day activities.  I look forward to seeing pictures of the work you do.  


Your Spelling Shed words for this week are:












Home Learning Resource 2 for week beginning Monday 27th April

Hello Year 5.  I hope you had fun last week completing the home learning project on your family.  I'm sure you have discovered some interesting stories about your family!  This week your home learning project is all about where you live.  There are lots of ideas to help you discover more about Aspatria and the wider community of Cumbria.  I look forward to you sharing what you have come up with, either through Class Dojo or through the following email address


Many of you have now had a go at using Spelling Shed to improve your spelling skills- this is brilliant, please keep it up.  I have set a list of 10 'ious' words for you to master this week on the site.  The words are:











If you feel able to, you can continue following the planning for literacy and numeracy from Hamilton Trust


Please look on the school Facebook page for details of an competition.  You need to watch a short clip with reminders of how to stay safe whilst you are online and then design a poster to remind others how to stay safe on line.  Entries need to be in by Friday at 3pm.  Good luck smiley


Daily Tasks

TT Rock Stars-  Aim for 20-30 minutes daily.

Spellings- Visit EdShed.  Then you can access the site by using the password and username you have been sent

Reading- Please keep this up daily if you can.

Home Learning Resource 1 for week beginning Monday 20th April

Hello Year 5.  This week we are starting a different approach to your  home learning.   Each week you will be getting a home learning project- this week's project is all about your family and your place in it.  There are some great activities for you to get involved in and I am sure you will produce some fantastic pieces of work.  If you would like to share some of what you have been doing you could send a picture through Class Dojo.  Alternatively, you could ask your parents to e.mail me examples of your work to the following e.mail address:    Hope you enjoy these tasks.  You are doing a fabulous job with your home learning!


Daily Tasks

TT Rock Stars-  Aim for 20-30 minutes daily.

Spellings- Visit EdShed.  Then you can access the site by using the password and username you have been sent  

Reading- Please keep this up daily if you can.

Work for 20-24th April 2020       Please note the work below is entirely optional.  

                                 Children can choose to do bits of it but only if

                                 they have time and feel able to do so. 

Hello Year 5.  How are you all getting on?  I hope you are managing to keep busy and stay positive.  Well done for the fabulous home learning you have done so far.  I have enjoyed looking at some of the work you have sent to me via Purple Mash, as well as the photos you have sent to through Class Dojo.  We definitely have some budding chefs judging by the phots of the delicious Greek meals!  Also we have some brilliant scientists in the making who have been testing the effects of air resistance with their homemade parachutes.  I look forward to seeing and hearing about all the fantastic things you have been up to when we return to school.  In the meantime if you would like to share your work me with me you could send a picture via class Dojo.  Alternatively, you could e-mail work and pictures to the following address:



For this week's literacy lessons I would like you to follow the lesson plans for days 1-3 from Hamilton Trust (Year 5, week 3)    The focus of these lessons is the performance poetry of Joseph Caelho.  Have fun reading and performing the poems yourself- there are some great clips of Joseph Caelho preforming his own poems to inspire you.  By the end of lesson three you have the chance to write your own poem about a place which is special to you.  



Follow the Hamilton Trust planning for Year 5, week 3.   Aim to do one lesson a day.  These lessons focus on multiples, factors and written methods for multiplication and division.  You can decide whether to do the easier (Mild) or harder (Hot) questions.  Remember if you are stuck, read through the 'A Bit Stuck' sheet.  



1)  Read through the PowerPoint slides on water resistance  


2) Next, watch the clip from Bloodhound Adventure to help you further understand air and water resistance.


3)  If you can get hold of some plasticine or blutac,  try the investigation on streamlined shapes.  You could use a tall glass rather than a cylinder to drop the shapes into.



This week as part of your Extreme Earth unit, I would like you to explore hurricanes.  Begin by reading the information from the following link:

Now watch the following clip on hurricanes:

Create an information poster on hurricanes which includes the following:

* where in the world hurricanes happen

* what conditions are needed for a hurricane to form

* pictures of what hurricanes look like

* examples of the damage hurricanes can cause.



This week I would like you to begin exploring Sikhism.  Watch the clip and read the information on 'What is Sikhism?' from the following link:

Have a go at the quiz to see what you have learnt.  Can you draw a poster to explain what each of the 5ks stand for?



There are some fabulous blossoms and flowers around at the moment.  See if you can find a spring flower which catches your eye either in your garden or when you are out for a walk.  Take a close-up photo of it and use it as the inspiration for a piece of art.  Look very closely at the shape of the petals and the different colours the flower is made up of.  Have a look at the example below.


Weekly Tasks

* Aim to keep up your reading 3 times a week.

* Continue with learning your spellings (pick a further 10 words to learn form the list sent with last week's work).

* Look out for new tasks on Purple Mash!

* Keep up times tables.  You can use TTRock Stars for this or Top Marks.


Work for Tuesday 14th April-Friday 17th April

Hello Year 5.  I hope you are all well and have managed to enjoy your Easter break.  I know it will hard for many of you being separated from your friends and family but hopefully you are managing to keep smiling and helping to look after those around you.  Below is the work I'd like you to have a go at this week.  For literacy and numeracy you will need to access the Hamilton Trust website.  They have put together some amazing daily lessons which include support sheets for if you get a bit stuck.  As it is a Bank Holiday on Monday, you only need to do 4 of the 5 lessons.


Literacy:       Please follow the literacy planning for Year 5 week 1 (see the Learning at Home Packs).  Aim to do one lesson a day.  All the resources you need are there as well as answers for checking progress.  The revision cards are extremely helpful.  Don't worry if you haven't got ink or a printer- you should be able to manage most of the tasks using paper and a pencil.  There are a selection of fun extra activities  at the end of each lesson.  Pick one a day which interests you to have a go at.   


Maths:      Please follow the maths planning for Year 5 week 2 (see the Learning at Home Packs).  If you have your home-learning maths book you should do the work there, otherwise paper is fine.  Work through one lesson a day.  Sometimes you will have a choice of Mild (easier) or Hot (harder) questions. Remember to check your answers at the end of each lesson.  If you are finding it tricky, go back and read the 'A Bit Stuck' sheet.  


Science:     Using the BBC Bitesize KS2 Science site, find the clip on forces (What are water and air resistance?).  Watch the clip and then read the text.  


As a follow up task, see if you can design a parachute which makes use of air resistance to slow the speed at which an object falls.  There are some great clips on YouTube to help you with this task.


History:    This week I'd like you to watch two short film clips on the BBC Teach KS2 history site on famous Victorians.  Watch the clips on Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale.  After watching the clips, choose one of the individuals and do a page of A4 about who they are and how they changed the world.



This week for art, I'd like you to have a go at a landscape picture like the one above.  Use different colour and patterns to make your work interesting.  I bet they will look amazing!


French      If possible, download the Duolingo app to a laptop or phone.  Using the free version of the app, work through the Basic French Course for 10 minutes daily.  I am using this at home to improve my French and it's good fun!  An adult will need to help you set this up as it requires an e.mail address.  


Daily Tasks:



                      Each week aim to learn 10 spellings from the list below:    


Easter Break Message

Dear Year 5 pupils and parents,


I hope you and your families are keeping well and that you are enjoying spending time together.  Please don't worry about exactly how your home-schooling is going- this will vary depending on your child and your individual circumstances.  Whilst it is a scary time, it is also a chance for you to make special memories together as a family.  It is also an opportunity to help your child develop valuable life-skills, which we often don't have the time to do, such as cooking and gardening.  As next week is the Easter Break I have not set any formal work for this period.  I do understand that some children may be looking for activities to keep them busy as they are having to spend so much time at home.  With this in mind I have set an extended project on Greece and The Ancient Greeks which your child can get started on if they wish (please see below).  Be assured that when children return to school they will have the opportunity to share and celebrate the fantastic independent work I know they will do!


I miss seeing you all but hope that you all stay safe and well.  Please message me through Class Dojo if you have any questions.


Kind regards,

Mrs Bonnar

Extended Project on Greece and The Ancient Greeks

Year 5, one of the main areas we focus on in the summer term is 'The Ancient Greeks'.  To help prepare for this I would like you to work on a project all about Greece, its history and its culture.  You do not have to do all of the areas below, pick ones that interest you.  You can present your project in anyway you like.  When we return to school you will have the chance to share and celebrate all you have achieved.  


* Find Greece on a map.  What is its capital city?  Which countries is it near to?  What seas are near-by?  Write about the climate and geography of its landscape.


*Research typical Greek foods.  Can you design a menu for a Greek inspired party?


* Cook a Greek dish.  Take photos of what you prepare.


*Discover how a Greek family celebrate Easter.  Write a diary account from the view-point of a Greek child describing how they prepare for Easter.


*Using BBC Bitesize clips (KS2 Ancient Greece) research some of the following:

          - Who were the Ancient Greeks?

         - How did the Olympic games begin?

         - What was it like to live in an ancient Greek family?

         - Who were the ancient Greek gods and goddesses?

         - Greek culture

         -How did the ancient Greeks change the world?

Write up your findings in a poster or a report with sub-headings.


* Research and design an ancient Greek vase.  There are free templates on twinkl to help you with this.


*Watch/ read Greek myths for kids.  There are plenty on Youtube.


* Draw/ paint different Greek gods and goddesses.

Monday 23-27th March 2020

Year 5 I hope you and your families are keeping well.  Please continue with the work already set (see below).  I would also like you to begin reading chapter 5C in the Exploring Science text book.  The chapter focuses on types of gas. Read through pages 30-34 this week and answer the questions.  For maths I would like you to work through the lesson pack you were sent home with on Friday.  There are four days worth of lessons, together with print offs of the PowerPoint slides to help you.  Please complete this work in the maths exercise book.  Answers are on the handouts so you are able to check your progress.  For literacy, work through a couple of the longer writing tasks from the photocopied handout.  It is a good idea to do a draft copy and then check this through for errors/ improvements (spelling, punctuation and vocabulary) before writing up your good copy.  

If you were off school when the home learning pack went out, there is one for you in the school reception.  Please check with the school office for a suitable time to pick it up.

I will continue to add new learning resources onto Purple Mash for you to complete.  Also make use of your TTRock Stars account to keep your tables up to speed.  


Keep up the hard work Year 5!


Mrs Bonnar

Work for School Closure Due to Coronavirus

Year 5 I have decided to use Purple Mash as the main way to communicate work to you whilst school is closed.  In the 'Year 5 To Do' section of Purple Mash I have put a variety of tasks for you to work through over the upcoming weeks.  Where possible, I have chosen tasks which link into the learning we have been doing in recent weeks.  I will add more tasks for you over time so please keep looking!  Your Purple Mash login is in your reading record if you are unsure.


As we have been looking at 'Extreme Earth' in geography, I would like you to complete an extended project on one or more of the following areas:  volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes or droughts.  Include information about what the causes of the event ares, the consequences of the events, labelled diagrams and interesting facts about it.  In science we had begun a unit on 'Forces'.  I'd like you to create a fact book on different forces (gravity, air resistance, upthrust and friction).  Use BBC Bitesize KS2 to help you research information for this.  As part of this fact book you should research Isaac Newton.  For art I would like you to be inspired by the season of Spring.  Spend time sketching, painting and doing collages of images linked to Spring.  Keep up your daily reading.  If you run out of books, there are texts suitable for Year 5 on Purple Mash.


Below are links to a variety of learning sites which you will find helpful:      password-UKTWINKLHELPS


Kind regards


Mrs Bonnar

Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to Year 5 2019/2020

The staff who will be working with you this year are:

Teacher: Miss Watson


In the Autumn term we will be studying:

Literacy- This term we will be learning about fiction texts and writing our own defeating a monster tale. We will also be be looking at non-fiction texts and writing a recount. The children will be using the T4W process for these units of work.

Numeracy- This term we will be looking at place value, addition, subtraction multiplication and division.

Science- This term we will be learning all about, life cycles and the reproduction of plans and animals.

ICT- We will be participating in weekly sessions covering both coding and online safety.

P.E- This term we will be playing Football and Tag Rugby and then moving onto Quicksticks and Gymnastics.

History- This term we will be learning all about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

Geography- This term we will be learning about the Grand Canyon.

R.E- This term we will be learning about Christianity.

PSHE- We will be discussing a variety of topics including families, friendships and relationships.

DT- This term we will be designing, making and evaluation our own Viking shield.

Art- This term the children will be working on a special project for the Maryport Settlement called 'Over here, over there' in addition to developing their painting skills.

Christmas Jumper Day 2019

Today Year 5 have taken part in the national Christmas Jumper Day 2019, in order to raise money for Save the Children. They look fabulous!

Viking Shields

In our DT lessons Year 5 have been designing, making and evaluating their own Viking shields.

Values day

Year 5 have taken part in values day today. They worked on being supportive, respect, honesty and confidence. They worked with a different teacher for each value.


To celebrate Halloween this year, Year 5 dressed up and took part in an a range of different  Halloween activities. They looked absolutely terrifying! 


In this half terms STEM activity, Year 5 have been focusing on Science and learning how to dissect and identify the different parts of a flowering plant. The children used tweezers and scissors to carefully dissect the plants and then identified the different parts of the Stamen (the male part) and the Carpel (the male part).


Today Year 5 took part in an Indian dance workshop with Priya Sundar from the Tullie House Museum to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali. The children had a fantastic morning learning how to represent the Indian animals with hand gestures and using the beater sticks to dance in true Bollywood style. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light which thousands of Indians celebrate each year. This year it will be celebrated on the 27th of October.  

Prison service visit

Today we had a visit from Cumbria police and HMP Manchester. The children took part in workshops covering, safe use of the internet, bullying, drugs, alcohol and keeping safe in our community, as well as learning who to contact if they ever come into trouble. They also got to meet some very special members of the police force too. Take a look!

Tullie House visit - Vikings

As part of our Vikings topic, we spent the day exploring the exciting world of the Vikings.  We visited the ‘Vikings Revealed’ gallery to see up close the fascinating finds from the Viking cemetery at Cumwhitton and took part in object handling and craft activities. We also looked at the life of the Viking and tried on Viking clothing.


Today the Arty-Facts theatre company visited school. The children watched a performance about friendship and bullying and how to prevent this in school. 

Roal Dahl day

We watched a clip about Roal Dahl, learning facts about his life and viewed a clip from the BFG.  We then took part in Roal Dahl activities during maths and wrote about our favourite


Talk 4 Writing

This half term in Literacy Year 5 are looking at fiction and will be writing a defeating the monster story focusing on description. As part of our unit we create actions to a 500 word model text to help the children internalise the text.

Over Here, Over There! 

Year 5 have been taking part in an art project about influential people who have began their voyages in Maryport. They visited the Settlement at Maryport as part of their project and had a fabulous time. They listened to the work of a ship’s surgeon, wrote letters in role, walked around the gallery, had a go at tying a fisherman’s knot and even looked at a lifeboat from our local coast guard station.

REACT Foundation Science and Engineering Show

Year 5 visited Lakes College, Workington, to see a science show about space.  This is an event put on by the National Science Museum.  It is a fantastic opportunity to get younger students excited about science, and hopefully start to inspire the engineers of the future.


Viking Assembly

We had a visit from Tullie House to talk about Vikings and to get our class excited and engaged reading for starting our Viking topic.

Friday 26th April 2019

Following on from our class work on plastic pollution and the environment, Year 5 took part in The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick 2019.  They worked really well as a team to collect as much litter from the areas around their school community as they could.  Two of their most interesting finds were a guitar plectrum and a £5 note!  They finished off with a well deserved play in the local park.

Monday 25th March 2019


Well done to Jamie Lock in Year 5 who was a runner-up in the 'Design the Best Scientist' competition organised by Cavendish Nuclear.  He was delighted to receive his bag of goodies today!



Tuesday 19th March 2019


Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon taking part in a range of science and engineering activities at Energus in Workington.  Among other things, the class got to design balloon chairs, solve forensic mysteries and build the tallest tower!  Lost of fun was had by all.  

Year 5 at Energus, Workington

Pictures of Year 5 Science Week 2019

Friday 9th March 2019


This week we have been learning about steel in year 5. We made posters about the stuff  we learned; we needed to take pictures and write questions . We had a group of 3,4 or 5. We learned that they ship steel to the UK. Steel comes from Holland [Netherlands],then to Germany and then to England [Via Folkestone]. 


World Book Day

Today we dressed up for world book day. At 2.00 an author is coming in [Malcolm Judge]. He is going to sign some of his books [ The Hamburgers of Doom and The Old School Ghoul].  We are having a competition and we're creating a book cover and the winners get a prize.

Topic work on: Global Steel Production


                                           Friday 1st march 2019

Hi, we are two students from year 5 and we are called Mia and Marie. This week we have been writing a letter of complaint to a zoo (obviously it's not a real zoo).  Our teacher, Mrs Bonnar, has  asked us to tell you about it.


In this week's lessons we wrote a letter to the pretend zoo and we did a paragraph each lesson.   Each paragraph was focusing on a  different  skill, for example parenthesis and relative clauses.  We also have been reading a book called 'Skellig' (our class novel), it's a book about a boy whose sister is struggling to stay alive.   Yes its a safe book for kids!  Also it's about a mysterious man who lives in his new garage who has arthritis who doesn't like the child.   The child is trying to help him but the man won't let him. Thank you for reading, Mia and Marie, out! no   Hope you enjoy your day no

Examples of the first drafts of our Letters of Complaint

Friday 8th February 2019

Hello we are three students from year 5 (Will, Kieran and Marie) and we will be doing a weekly blog about year 5.

Plastic pollution

Over the past two weeks, we have been learning about plastic pollution and how we should stop throwing so much plastic in the bin because it goes into landfill or is burned. Lots of plastic also gets blown into the sea or ocean. As part of this topic we have been  creating some ocean art, complete with added bits of plastic!  Take a look at some of our creations!


Ocean art

Friday 1st February 2019


Hello we are 3 students from year 5 and we will be doing a weekly blog about year 5. Our names are Kieran ,Will and Marie.  Our teacher is Mrs Bonnar.




In Spanish our incredible teacher from Beacon Hill has been teaching us our Spanish numbers and colours. For the last two weeks we have been up to Beacon Hill to learn numbers, colours and greeting. We have attached some examples of the Spanish I-pad messages we wrote.



Some of our Spanish I-Pad messages

Warning story!!!

Also this week we have been learning about warning stories. A warning story is a story where an adult tells a child not to go somewhere e.g. canal, train track or even a nuclear power station but the child does it anyway. Our setting is Thirwell Castle. At the end of the story something goes wrong and there is a consequence. We are now working on our final drafts of these stories.

Drama Workshop


Posted: 14th Mar 2018

We took part in a drama workshop at Beacon Hill School with their year 7 and 8 pupils.  The workshop was run by Dave from The Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.  The theme of the drama  was based on the book The Secret Garden. Groups of children practised acting out parts of the book,  with some performing their part on stage.  After that we had a discussion about the people who work in front and behind the scenes during a theatre performance and what their roles involved.


World Book Day


Posted: 15th Mar 2018

To celebrate World Book Day 2018, students in Year 5 brought their favourite book into school.  Students had the chance to share a passage from their chosen book with the class.  We also took the opportunity to photograph Year 5 with their favourite book in various locations around the school grounds.




Posted: 15th Mar 2018

For our art topic we are studying the artist Lowry.  We started by looking at how he drew his characters and tried to reproduce these ourselves. We then went on to produce our Lowry inspired industrial landscape pictures.


Best class attendance treat


Year 5 won six weekly class attendance certificates and were rewarded with some money to spend and a free afternoon for an activity of their choice.  The children came up with various ideas and finally voted for their favourite - an afternoon of sports games followed by a party.


Snow Day


Posted: 8th Feb 2018

Year 5 enjoying a very rare snow day.


Disability Sports Coaching


Posted: 19th Jan 2018


Year 5 had a fantastic opportunity today to work with Nat from NP Inclusive Sports experincing wheelchair basketball. The children loved this and it really made them think about how other people experience and participate in sports who may have a disability.


Cyber Safety


Posted: 16th Jan 2018

PCSO Megan Jones from Cumbria Constabulary came in to speak to us about Cyber Safety.  


Cyclewise - Bikeability


Some of our year 5 children took part in Bikeability week with instructors Fiona and Ed.   Their training involved learning practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads.  This gives them the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling. A big thank you to our instructors Fiona and Ed.


Freddy Fit 


Freddie Fit came to visit us at the start of our new Spring Term in January.  The children participated in energetic sessions full of fun and exercise which help us to keep fit and healthy.  The children thoroughly enjoyed them.


Viking broches


The children designed and made their viking broches.


The Vikings


Year 5 have had an exciting half-term discovering what it was like to be a Viking.  Pupils have written a diary from the pespective of a Viking, as well and taking part in a Viking fact finding treasure hunt.  Pupils have also had fun designing their own Viking longship.  Some designs are wonderfully detaied.  Look out for pictures of finished designs after the holiday!


Year 5 Curriculum


Year 5 have had a busy first few weeks, with lots of wonderful work being produced.  In English we have been develpoing our creative writing skills, by writing a piece of action text that could be included in our class novel 'Sky Hawk'.  Year 5 students have been impressing me with their super sentence writing skills! I have been challenging them to start their sentences in a variety of ways, for example with an adverb or a prepositional phrase. The spellings students have been asked to learn this week focus on tricky silent letter words.

In maths Year 5 begun the term by revising place value.  Please see the photos attached of students having to guess the mystery number on our human number line! Pupils have also been revising methods of multiplying whole and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000. We are still focusing on our 6 times table this week- so keep up the revision at home ready for our test later in the week.


Super Science


Today we have started our new Year 5 Science Unit:  'Materials and their Properties'.  In our first lesson pupils had fun testing how different materials behaved when added to water.  The materials pupils tested included:  salt, sand, sugar, stock cubes, paint, plaster of Paris and baking powder.  Groups had to observe what happened to each material in water and record their findings using scientific vocabulary.


Welcome to Year 5 2017-2018


We have had a super first week back, with pupils in Year 5 settling into school well.  As a new member of staff, I have quickly been made to feel welcome by the class.  The class have been eager to get involved with the monitor duties they have been given and it has been lovely to see pupils taking responsibility for the upkeep of their classroom.


Year 5 homework will be set on a Thursday and pupils will need to return this to school by the following Monday of each week.  They will be given a list of 10 spellings to learn, as well as a times table sheet to complete.  Please help at home by testing your child on the particular table we are focusing on that week.  

Year 5 pupils are also required to read regularly at home, sometimes to an adult but also independently.  Plaese write a few comments in their reading record so we are able to monitor how much reading they are doing.  


Year 5 will be using the Class Dojos to celebrate achievements.  Raffle tickets will also be handed out when pupils do a lovely piece of work or are especially helpful.  Each week we will draw a couple of lucky winners from the bag to recieve a small prize!


Year 5 PE lessons will take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.


Play Leaders


Year 5 have had play leaders training with specialist sports coach Chris Wright this term. They now understand how to organise, resource, support, encourage and adapt a range of playtime games for pupils to play at break times. They have even all been given their own whistles for their new roles and they can't wait to get started.


The Tower to the Sun

This term Year 5 have been reading The Tower to the Sun by Colin Thompson. We have really enjoyed the story so far and it gave us a lot to think about. We have written news reports about aspects of the story, thought about how we would construct our own Tower up to the sun and also written our own endings for the story. Here are some photos of the pupils collaborating to uplevel their news reports.

Marshmallow & Spaghetti Challenge

Posted: 21st Jun 2017

As part of our Towers topic, the children were set a challenge to make a tower from 6 marshmallows and a handfull of spaghetti which would hold an egg. This was extremely challenging however the children persevered and collaborated really well.

Egg dump 2017

Year 5 really enjoyed taking part in the egg dump. All children took part and were very competetive and supportive. Our class winner was James. Unfortunately he was knoked out in the school final. Well done to all of Year 5

Trip to Tullie House 2017

As part of our topic on Ancient Egypt we have also been to visit Tullie House Museum in Carlisle. We learnt all about what artefacts they used in those days and looked at some real, old things as well as some replicas. We found out about the gods they worshipped and what they believed about them. They believed in the after-life and much of their lives revolved around preparing the dead for the next life. We even got chance to role-play as an embalmer to prepare a pretend mummy. Then we had a ceremony to welcome the body into the after-life. It was very interesting and we learnt so much. After the workshop we also had a little time to look around the rest of the museum too and we found out a bit about the Romans and Vikings too. We really enjoyed the day - especially the dressing up (which everyone enjoyed the most).

Egyptian Themed Art

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic this term, we been studying the pyramids and have made some effective silhouette pictures. Here are a few snaps of Year 5 starting off their pictures.

Making Death Masks 

As part of our Egyptian topic, year 5 have designed their own death masks. 
Over the last two weeks they have been using a range of tools to draw and cut out their masks. They have also attached their full face mask to the outside using tape.
The next step of the process, is to strengthen their mask using newspaper and glue. They are really enjoy this project.


Making Bread


Year 5 have had a lovely morning making and eating bread. 

As part of our DT topic 'Bread' year 5 have been learning and finding out:

* What individual people's favourite bread is (collected evidence fromjunior classes,

* Tasting and evaluating different bread,

* How different bread is made,

* Where different bread comes from around the world (creating powerpoints which they presented to the class,

* And making and eating their own bread.


Autumn Term Overview 2016



This term we are reading the novel Skellig by David Almond. We will be writing our own chapters in the style of this author and including detailed description using DADWAVERS.

We will be writing some non fiction too based on the theme of birds in the book - factfiles and non-chronological reports.

In author study week we will study a couple of Roald Dahl texts: George's Marvellous Medicine and Revolting Rhymes.


During numeracy children will be learning about

* Short multiplication and division

* Multiplying by 10 and 100

* Vulgar and decimal Fractions

* Number sequences

* Word problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

* Measures

* Shapes and nets

* Angles


Once every week children will be taking part in a reading workshop which includes; reading comprehension 


This term we are studying rainforests. We will look at the global location of these and what they are like, including what kinds of creatures live in them. We might even meet some. We will watch videos and look at a variety of information books and learn about deforestation.


We will be making 3D collages based on rainforest creatures this term. We will then be putting them together to make a collective class collage. 


During this term children will be look at and tasting bread from around the world.

They will also have the opportunity to make their own bread.


Over this term during P.E children will be taking part and learning tag rugby, gymnastics along with team building and team games.


Rainforest Creature Workshop


What an amazing time we had this week at the Rainforest Creature Workshop with Bugs N Stuff in school. We learned so much about the different types of animals and how they behave in their habitat. It was fascinating seeing them up close and getting chance to even touch some of them. Even some parents plucked up the courage to get involved.


WW1 Cookery and Craft Event


Year 5 had a brilliant morning at the Wave today for the WWI cookery and craft event. We enjoyed tasting the old-fashioned recipes that would have been cooked 100 years ago and learned about different cooking utensils that were used back then. It was so interesting and informative. They were also brilliantly behaved. Well done everyone for getting so involved.




This term our class have been having cricket coaching. It has been great fun and we have learned a lot about the rules and tactics for the game. We have also uncovered some budding batters and bowlers.


Science Investigation - Friction


Another fantastic investigation from Year 5. This week the children planned and carried out an investigation to find out which type of footwear has the most friction. In groups they chose 6 different types of footwear and collected all of the equipment they needed to carry out their investigation. Before they started they made predictions. Using the ramp, footwear, metre ruler and weight each group measured in cm at what height each footwear began to move down the ramp. As a group they evaluated the results before writing their conclusions and drawing comparative graphs.


Science Investigation - Air resistance


Year 5 had a fantastic time carrying out their investigation. They collaborated in small groups choosing materials, resources and how they would carry out the investigation to ensure it was a fair test. Each group designed, made and tested 3 parachutes to find out which one would take the longest time to fall to the floor. They made predictions, recorded their results and wrote conclusions.


Summer Term


Welcome Back!

During the Summer Term we will be learning:

Numeracy: Fractions (ordering and mixed/improper), place value for addition and subrraction, rounding.

Literacy: Extended writing, Skellig by David Almond, argument and debate, debate poety, narrative poety.

Topic: Ancient Egypt and Anglo Saxons

Science: Forces

* Gravity

* Air resistance

* Friction

* Water resistance

* Levers, pulleys and gears

Science: Animals (including humans)

* Keeping fit and healthy

* Puberty

* Life expectancy

* Difference between the gestalion period of humans and other animals

* Self portraits

R.E: Hindu

P.E: swimming, cricket and other team games

French: Hobbies

Art: Current Scottish artist Steven Brown


Ancient Egypt School Trip


Year 5 have been to visit Tullie House Museum in Carlisle to find out about life and death in Ancient Egypt. We found out lots of information by taking part in a variety of activities, during which the class had lots of fun dressing up and acting out specific roles, as you can see from the photos below. We also visited exhibitions there, which were very interesting and informative and we got to touch and feel real ancient artefacts. We had a fantastic day and built on what we already knew about this ancient civilisation, that we learned in previous years.


Easter Art


For our Easter service in St Kentigern's Church we learnt a poem about how Jesus was nailed to the cross and we also made some silhouette artwork to match the theme of the poem. They looked beautiful. Well done Year 5.



Egg dump


Year 5 had a fantastic time dumping their eggs. After a very tense time, Hannah was our class winner. She went on to compete against other class winners but was unfortunately knocked out. Well done to all children who took part.


Fairtrade Fortnight


As part of Fairtrade Fortnight year 5 designed and made posters. They used their knowledge of fairtrade products to create a colourful instructional poster. They had lots of fun using different materials, chalks and paints.


World Book Day


Posted: 3rd Mar 2016

The children looked wonderful today in their World Book Day costumes.  We had a range of different characters.


Dance Festival Performance


Well done to all the Year 5 dancers who took part in the show on Monday night. They really were fabulous and looked brilliant on stage. The costumes they made also looked great. Here's a behind the scenes shot from the night. We cant wait to see the DVD.



Story Teller


We had a story teller in class this week, to coincide with Wold Book Day, who told us stroies from Norse Mythology. They were fascinating and very entertaining. She even used a drum to make music which accompanied parts of the stories. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were very inspired.



DT - Costume design


As part of our DT work this term we decided to design and create the costumes for our dance show (or rather parts of them). There were some extremely interesting and unusual designs which were very well thought out and lots of consideration was given to the specification for the task - such as: parts not being able to fall off on to the stage. 

In order to create them in the classroom, we had to give lots of thought to: the materials we could get hold of quite cheaply, strong techniques for joining them and also how to work as part of a team to actually make them (for example, holding parts together that needed to be attached.)

We hope they will look very effective on stage and withstand our dance routine. More photos to follow after the big night!!


Visit to University of Cumbria, Carlisle.


Posted: 11th Feb 2016

Year 5 have had the opportunity to visit the University of Cumbria today. They have had a fantastic day with James (a third year Primary Teaching student) and Alison (a Lecturer). During the day the children took part in various activities, one of which included finding out information about the university whilst participating in a guided tour.  Another activity involved the children working in groups to write a news report as well as acting this out and filming the end product.  At the end of the day the children received certificates whilst wearing graduation gowns and a mortarboard (cap).


Internet Safety Day


As part of the Maryport Extended Schools Partnership, Year 5 took part in an e-safety morning with Jeff Haslam and the Wave Centre in Maryport.  The children learned how to stay safe when using the internet. We used the following website to help make decisions about how to deal with certain online scenarios - 


Ransom Notes


Year 5 have been writing ransom notes in literacy as part of our work on the Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. They could choose whether the wanted to make their letters on the computer or by hand for a more authentic appearance! They all look fantastic on show in our classroom. 



Space Station Live


On Tuesday, Year 5 tuned into the live space station talk with astronaut Tim Peake as part of our Science topic. It was fascinating watching how different everyday things are in space, such as eating, drinking and moving around. As you can tell from the pictures, the children were engrossed!


Secondary School Masterclasses


A few creative writers from Year 5 were selected to go to Beacon Hill Secondary School this week to take part in a literary masterclass with some juniors from a few other local primary schools in the area. The theme was Harry Potter, which was particulary popular.

Then, similarly, a few other children from our class were chosen for a numeracy and science masterclass at Beacon Hill, which they thoroughly enjoyed too - as you can see from the pictures.

Thank you to Beacon Hill staff for the photos!


Problem Solving through Dance


Year 5 have been really getting into preparations for our dance festival. The children have been working in lots of different groups trying to solve problems given to them and create a range of shapes and letters with their bodies. The trickiest part of dance always seems to be NOT moving and keeping still sometimes. Some of the boys really stood out today as they were AMAZING at this task!!! See for yourself - can you tell what our performance is going to be about?




Posted: 28th Jan 2016

Year 5 had a lovely session with our visitor Ian today.  They listened to his life story and tales from the circus.  He finished by telling a tale about a little boy who was unable to tell a story himself.


Drama Workshop


What a busy week our class has had. We have also managed to fit in a fantastic workshop with drama coach Becky. The children acted out a sleep over play as well as taking part in lots of fun activities such as PROJECTION! 


U Dance Festival


As part of our PE curriculum this term our class is taking part in the U Dance Festival. The show will take place on 29th February at 8pm at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. Rehearsals are well underway and we are preparing for our perfomance with the help of specialist dance teacher Helena, who has really helped us to improve aspects of our dance. She has helped us to add different levels and directions, create our own motifs and canons, and put our ideas for movements, which have been mostly chosen by the children themselves, to music. The dance is based on Rainforests, which we have been studying this year and we have tried to incorporate many aspects of our topic work into the performance. As you can see below we took lots of inspiration from images of rainforest creatures. The children came up with their own ideas using the pictures.


Comic Strip Art 


Due to the vast amount of budding artists in Year 5, we took part in a Comic Strip Art Competition as a mini topic this half term. The comics we had to design for the competiton were all based on the new Peanuts movie that has recently been on at the cinema. In order to prepare for the competition, we looked at the characters from the comics and discussed our own versions of the storyline from the new film. We also, looked at what makes a good comic and how they look. Lots of design features were discussed such as: speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and onomatopoeia in spikey sound bubbles (as we decided to call them). 


Bikeability 2016


Some of our pupils from year 5 and 6 have been taking part in Bikeability this week.  They have been working towards their Bikeability Level 2 Certificate all week and have all passed. Well done to everyone who took part.

For more information please click the following link:


Spring Term


Welcome back.

During the Spring Term we will be learning:

Numeracy: place value, addition and subtraction, co-ordinates and line graphs, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, perimeter, area and volume

Literacy: Extended writing skills, formal and informal letters, drama, stories, reports, argument, oral poems and poetic styles.

Science: Space

* Earth, Sun and Moon

* Seasons

* Night and day

* Shadows

* Phases of the moon

Science: Forces

* Gravity

* Air resistance

* Water resistance

* Friction

* Levers, pulleys and gears

Topic: Spring 1 - What is so special about the USA? Spring 2 - Ancient Egypt

ICT: Coding

P.E: Team games and dance

Art/DT: Costume design  

R.E: Sikhism

French: On holiday & eating out