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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Autumn Term


This term we will be settling into the juniors and getting used to all the little things that are different in KS2. 


Numeracy - We will be focusing on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Literacy - We will be covering warning stories in narrative based on Into the Forest. We will also cover instructions in non-fiction. We will cover these unit using Talk 4 Writing.

History - Our topic for this term is Prehistoric Britain so if you find anything interesting at home to do with the Stone, Iron or Bronze ages please do send them in.

Geography - Our topic is Rain forests focusing mainly on the Amazon.

Art - We will be looking at Stone Age cave art and recreating these in pastels.

DT - We will make sculptures this term linked to our topics.

French - As an introduction to this Modern Foreign Language we start off by looking at the country and its geographical features including where it is in relation to us. We then move on to numbers and simple greetings and phrases.

ICT - we will carry on improving our Coding skills as well as doing lots of internet research.

RE - This term we cover Christianity and Islam.

Rainforest Workshop


Wow! What an amazing afternoon we have had in Year 3, meeting Guy and all his amazing rainforest creatures. We learned so much from him. He brought in a big range of animals such as stick insects, cockroaches, a scorpion, a poison dart frog, an African snail, a red-kneed tarantula, a millipede, a corn snake and a huge marine toad - that had a good move around! We can’t wait to find out lots more about these creatures ourselves now we’ve had chance to meet them ... and even touch some!

Rainforest Creatures

Rainforest Creatures 1
Rainforest Creatures 2
Rainforest Creatures 3
Rainforest Creatures 4
Rainforest Creatures 5
Rainforest Creatures 6
Rainforest Creatures 7
Rainforest Creatures 8
Rainforest Creatures 9
Rainforest Creatures 10
Rainforest Creatures 11
Rainforest Creatures 12

Rainforest PE


PE has been so much fun in Year 3 this term, linked to our rainforest topic. It involved lots of problem solving and collaboration as well as stretching and bending our bodies. Can you tell what the human letters spell out? Hint: it’s our topic this term.

Rainforest PE

Rainforest PE 1
Rainforest PE 2
Rainforest PE 3
Rainforest PE 4
Rainforest PE 5
Rainforest PE 6
Rainforest PE 7
Rainforest PE 8
Rainforest PE 9
Rainforest PE 10
Rainforest PE 11
Rainforest PE 12
Rainforest PE 13
Rainforest PE 14
Rainforest PE 15
Rainforest PE 16
Rainforest PE 17
Rainforest PE 18
Rainforest PE 19
Rainforest PE 20

Our Visit to Sealy 2019


What a fantastic trip Year 3 had to Sealy today, to find out more about the company who are sponsoring our bedtime stories project. The class loved looking round the offices and factory. They met lots of different staff who did a range of roles and enjoyed listening to them tell us about their specific job. We learned about the sewing machines, the springs, the warehouse and so much more. All the staff were so lovely with our inquisitive pupils who asked lots of good questions. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! We even got chance at the end to test out how comfy the beds are!

Visit to Sealy

Visit to Sealy  1
Visit to Sealy  2
Visit to Sealy  3
Visit to Sealy  4
Visit to Sealy  5
Visit to Sealy  6
Visit to Sealy  7
Visit to Sealy  8
Visit to Sealy  9
Visit to Sealy  10
Visit to Sealy  11
Visit to Sealy  12
Visit to Sealy  13
Visit to Sealy  14
Visit to Sealy  15
Visit to Sealy  16
Visit to Sealy  17
Visit to Sealy  18
Visit to Sealy  19
Visit to Sealy  20
Visit to Sealy  21
Visit to Sealy  22
Visit to Sealy  23
Visit to Sealy  24
Visit to Sealy  25
Visit to Sealy  26
Visit to Sealy  27
Visit to Sealy  28
Visit to Sealy  29
Visit to Sealy  30
Visit to Sealy  31
Visit to Sealy  32
Visit to Sealy  33
Visit to Sealy  34