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Richmond Hill School

‘Our children are at the heart of everything we do.’


School Council

Raising Money for Children In Need 2021

Richmond Hill School council have been busy over the last few weeks helping to raise money for Children In Need 2021.  Councillors have been visiting classes with some competitions for our pupils to take part in.  We has ‘guess the names of the teddy’, ‘guess the sweeties in the jar’ and ‘guess where Pudsey’s treasure is hidden’.  Councillors also arranged a penalty shootout competition for both football and basketball ball.  Overall school council raised £135!


School Council 2021-22

Richmond Hill School Council meets every second Thursday in the Junior library between 12.30-1.00pm.  Our school councillors have all been democratically elected by their classmates to represent their views.  Our current school councillors are:

Year 6:  Ellie and Ethan

Year 5:  Maisie and Anthony

Year 4:  Joey and Evie

Year 3:  Toby and Elsa

Year 2:  Zac and Iris


School Council have been busy during the Autumn term working on a debate to perform during assembly.  This is being timed to link in with UK Parliament Week (1st-7th November).  Our school councillors have chosen the motion 'school holidays should be longer' for their first debate.  Half our School Council will be arguing in support of this motion and the other half will be arguing against the motion.  Following the debate in assembly, School Council will ask each class to vote in a ballot.  


The school council have worked very hard this year developing a new set of school values.

To begin with, with our classes we generated a list of values we felt were important to becoming valuable citizens while striving to achieve. These were then sent home for parents to discuss with their children and choose their favourite 8 values. From these responses we collated the choices and decided upon our values.

To launch these values we then held a values day in school where each class was taught and discussed 4 of our chosen values and how we can develop and demonstrate them in and out of school. The values underpin everything we now do in school and involve every school partner we have, be it pupils, parents, staff or governors. The whole process was shared with and supported by our governors.

Please see each class page for images from values day.

These values can now be seen on our letters and every half term we post a postcard home to a boy and girl from each class who have brilliantly demonstrated our values in school.

Our values are:

  • Kindness
  • Happiness
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Friendship
  • Honesty
  • Be safe
  • Be supportive



We have created a KS1 and KS2 pupil voice questionnaire for the children to complete at home and return to school. We will then collect and analyse the results.




As a council we want to make sure we are as healthy as we can be, that our school environment is as cared for as it can be, that we raise money for ourselves and other charities-chosen by us- and that our pupil voice is heard.



During morning play and lunch time they carry out a variety of important duties. These include manning the school office over lunch, answering telephone calls and welcoming guests to the school, general office duties for the school secretary and assisting in the infant playground during playtimes.






School council have just completed a huge fundraising event in school. In collaboration with the children in their classes they organised, resourced and orchestrated a series of events during February with a Valentine theme. The children advertised and marketed a Valentines disco at our local rugby club, provided food, party games, a tuck shop and face painting and glitter tattoos. The Y5/6 school council members sourced our required produce and went to our local supermarkets to purchase them.

The school council then also created Valentines gifts for a 'pop up' shop in school. After the events we counted all our money and worked out our profits after deducting our costs. We raised a huge £535-profit!

We are donating a portion to a charity of the children's choice and then we are voting as to what we would like to purchase for school.