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Richmond Hill School

‘If you believe, you will achieve’


School Council

Guide Dog Competition Winners


Children had to create a guide dog jacket for our competition. We raised £25. There was a winner in each class.


School council logo Competition


Poppy from Nursey was our chosen winner. Her logo will be used on our documentation. Well done Poppy

Enter our competition to design a new logo for the school council

Pupil Voice 


We have created a KS1 and KS2 pupil voice questionnaire for the children to complete at home and return to school. We will then collect and analyse the results.






As a council we want to make sure we are as healthy as we can be, that our school environment is as cared for as it can be, that we raise money for ourselves and other charities-chosen by us- and that our pupil voice is heard.


Ambassadors 2017-2018


Our school ambassadors for the year are Ellie, Owen T, Owen H, Patience, Katelyn and Tiana. 

During morning play and lunch time they carry out a variety of important duties. These include manning the school office over lunch, answering telephone calls and welcoming guests to the school, general office duties for the school secretary and assisting in the infant playground during playtimes.


Remembrance day Sunday 8th November 2015


On Sunday i'm extremely proud to say that 4 junior members of our School Council joined the Remembrance parade and service in Aspatria. They were asked to lay a wreath in Remembrance of the fallen soldiers. Although the weather was extremely wet they still joined in to pay their respects which was lovely to see. They should be very proud of themselves as we are of them.


Safety Day at the Wave Centre, Maryport


On Tuesday 20th October we attended a Safety Day at the Wave Centre, Maryport as part of the Maryport Joint School Council.  We took part in a variety of workshops during the day. In our first workshop with the Police, we looked at safe places to play when we were not in school .  The Fire Service then taught us what to do in the event of a fire.  At the lifeboat station we spoke to volunteers who man the lifeboat in the event of an emergency. They spoke about their individual roles and what would happen after receiving a call that a person or boat was in distress. On the way back to the Wave Centre we had to locate and identify the different safety signs situated around the harbour that help to keep people safe when working or walking in that area.  Our final workshop of the day was first aid where the children were able to take part with the instructors.


Joint school council meeting 29.09.15


Today we held our first joint school council meeting of the year here at Richmond Hill. Members of other school councils joined us from Netherton Infants, Camp Road, Dearham School, Our lady & St Patricks, Maryport Infant & Junior School, Grasslot, Ewanrigg Junior and a member of Maryport Town Council also attended.


We discussed a safety day in Maryport which will be held on Tuesday 20th Oct and shared some ideas on that. We then moved onto discussing the light switch on and what competition we could do based around that.


All of our junior school council members attended this meeting. 

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School Council 2015-16


Our new school council members have been elected by their class members for this year. 

They are as follows:

Year 1- Blake Wilson & Layla Blake

Year 2- Mia Reynolds & Kieran Stephenson

Year 3- Marcus Hamilton & Milly wiltshire

Year 4- Kane Brown & Kirstie Wilkinson

Year 5- Molly Bunting & Marcus Tate

Year 6- Will Cannon & Jemma Lambert


Richmond Hill School Council 


At the moment the School Council have been concentrating on two projects. Our recent meetings have been focused around Operation Christmas Child and Children In Need.

We have discussed the meaning and purpose of Operation Christmas Child and the children thought it would be a good idea to seek support from our parents by asking them to donate boxes.

We have had a couple of meetings based around Children In Need. We brainstormed ideas as a group and asked for the classes' feedback as to what activities they'd like to do on the day.

We suggested coming to school dressed as a superhero or just as our hero as the theme is 'be a hero' which can mean different things to different children. The parents/carers have been asked to kindly donate £1 which will then be forwarded to Children In Need.


Tuck shop rules.


To promote using good manners in school we have decided on some new tuck shop rules. They are as follows:-

  • No money on the day you can't get tuck shop.
  • No queuing properly then no tuck shop.
  • Don't use your manners you must go to the back of the line.
  • No hanging around the tuck shop table.
  • Don't stand at the table after you already have your fruit.


Please follow these rules, thankyou.

School Council.