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Year 5 Blog

Year 5 Rainforest Workshop Comments


Judging from the children's comments below this activity seemed to be a hit with our class!


It was an amazing experience! All the parents should have come. The millipede was my favourite! - Phoebe

I loved the gecko, the most interesting fact was that when they get dirt in their eye , they lick it because they don't have eyelids - Christa

All the animals were amazing to watch - Brooke

It was awesome but it was a bit scary... - Amy

The animals were interesting and it was different - Kaysie-May

I loved the rainforest activity because we learnt so much about the animals - Hannah

The creatures were amazing - Caitlin

I really enjoyed the rainforest workshop - Rhiannan

Wow! That was amazing, we learned so much. I loved it - Bryoney

The tarantula was cool - Marcus

Wow - so many different animals - Owen

It was scary but I still enjoyed it - Joshua

Wow, we found out so much information about the creatures - Josh L

We learnt so many facts about the different animals - Sienna

We had a brilliant day seeing all these unusual rainforest animals - Niomi 

I really enjoyed the rainforest creatures - Holly

It was great but I didn't fancy the cricket and tarantula! Other than that it was great! - Chelsea

Wow, amazing activity! - Oliver

What an amazing activity. We learned so much... It was AMAZING! - Keeley