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Richmond Hill School

‘If you believe, you will achieve’



Accelerated Reader


Here at Richmond Hill we use a reading program called Accelerated reader.

This system was introduced to enhance the comprehension skills of our pupils.

Each child takes a Star Test which determines the child's reading range and gives them their own personal ZPD. Children must choose books from this range to read. When the children complete their book they then complete an online quiz which tests their comprehension of the book. Children are aiming to score 85% plus on each quiz. The quizzes are tracked by the class teacher along with the books the children have read and the type of questions they may need support with.

From the tracking the teacher can determine which children need reading support and interventions. The reading test also gives each child a reading age which we can then use to determine if a child is working at the expected level.

Chldren work towards targets and recieve certificates and prizes for their accomplishments.

Parents can log on at home and see the progress their child is making in school.


Funky Fingers


Many children nowadays come to school struggling to hold a pencil and cannot recognise (and write) their name. As these children are not developmentally ready to write, they need Dough Gym/funky fingers activities (fine motor skills) to help strengthen the important core and hand muscles. It is a daily physical intervention that combines the use of large pieces of dough with a series of hand and finger exercises or activities where the children need to manipulate objects.  These strengthen and develop children’s fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye  co-ordination, proprioception, balance, low load control, grip and most importantly, their self-esteem! It is fast-pace, good fun and done in time to music.

World Book Day 


To celebrate World Book Day this year the children and staff came to school dressed as their favourite book character. 


We have linked this with an author study week. 


EYFS and Key Stage One have been looking at Julia Donaldson and Key stage Two have been learning about Shakesphere.


We have enjoyed taking part in class activities, competitions and a whole school book swap. 


We have also had the Scholastic Book Fair in school too. 


The funds raised from dressing up will be used to develop our school library area. 


Thank you to everyone who have taken part and supported us.