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‘If you believe, you will achieve’



Kidsafe At Richmond Hill.


Kidsafe is a fantastic and relatively new programme which has been running in our school for around two years.


Targeted at children from year two upwards kidsafe provides children with the skills that they need to be in touch with their emotions and recognise and be able to cope with a variety of feelings and situations.


Kidsafe is an eight week programme which covers a variety of topics from learning to trust people,to being in touch with their feelings and emotions,bullying,internet safety,family issues and looking after their own bodies.


"KS" is a main part of kidsafe.He is a puppet(a monkey)who comes across some tricky situations.Using the skills they have developed the children are able to help "KS",which he really appreciates!


The children respnd to "KS" very well and "KS" helps to make the sessions fun,and enjoyable incorporating games and lots of chatting which all help to gain a good understanding!


At the end of the programme the children all receive a certificate to show that they have completed the kidsafe course.


Parents and carers are informed of what has been taught in each session by letter,but if parents and carers would rather their children did not take part in the programme then if they inform school after the initial letter it is not an issue and children will be provided with other work.


Overall kidsafe has been a huge success in Richmond Hill and is very much celebrated.Children are presented with their certificates in praise assembly and lots of celebration parties have been known to take place in classrooms to celebrate completion of the course,the children enjoy this and it gives them a real sense of achievement!