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Phunky Foods​​​​​​​

Phunky Foods 2023-24

We have lots of exciting opportunities for students at Richmond Hill to develop their practical cooking skills this year.  Susan Anderson, our new Phunky Food representative, has visited our school and will be coming in to support Year 3 and Year 6 with their food DT units.  She will also be working with our EYFS pupils, helping them explore different healthy fruits and vegetables and introducing them to some Phunky Fit exercises.  

Phunky Foods Year 3-4 Cookery Club

The Year 3 and 4 Phunky Foods Cookery Club is now up and running.  Children are having great fun developing their skills at making dough as well as learning how to correctly hold a knife to prepare fruits and vegetables.  As part of the sessions, children also get involved in washing-up and cleaning down their workspace!  

Phunky Food Ambassadors working with Reception

Our Phunky Food Ambassadors have planned and delivered some healthy eating workshops to children in Reception.  The Ambassadors were helping our younger pupils understand what a healthy breakfast and dinner might look like.  Reception children also got to participate in a game of food i-spy and healthy food bingo.

Phunky Foods Ambassadors 2023

This year we have PhunkyFood Ambassadors made up from children in Years 4 and 5.  The ambassadors meet once a fortnight to think of interesting ways we can promote the message of a healthy, balanced diet.  This year we are focusing on healthy packed lunches.  In the Autumn term, the ambassadors prepared and delivered an assembly showing what a healthy packed lunch might look like.  In the spring term, our ambassadors have been having a go at some lunch recipes from the PhunkyFoods website.  They are now preparing a whole school assembly where they will demonstrate how to prepare these delicious recipes.