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We are very excited to announce that we have relaunched our school team and rewards system throughout school. We wanted a brand new way of rewarding the children whilst embedding and promoting our school values.

Our values are:


We have decided to create five new houses and they will have a matching colour for sports day. We have chosen Aspatria as our inspiration for the new house names. Children have all been grouped into new teams.

  • Ellen (red team)

Named after the river that runs through Aspatria

  • Kentigern (orange team)

Named after St Kentigern the apostle of Strathclyde who passed though the town in the 6th century. He was also known as Mungo which means good friend.

  • Skiddaw (yellow team)

Named after the mountain we can see across our playing fields

  • Ash (green team)

Named after the Ash tree which is what the name Aspatria is derived from.

  • Solway (blue team)

Named after the Solway plain on which the town of Aspatria resides.



All children from Nursery onwards are now grouped in houses:
Our new reward counters match these houses. The counter collection box will be kept in the entrance so children can see their house accumulating tokens.
When it is safe to do so, children will vote a captain and vice-captain of each house.

Counters will be given by staff for the following:

  • Dojo rewards will be replaced by counters instead of sweets, this is to develop our healthy school status which we will be working towards in the new year, you will receive more information about this
  • Dojos will be reset half termly. For every 10 dojos=1 counter
  • Star of the week=1 off teachers then one off the Head Teacher
  • 100% attendance per week=1 counter 
  • 100% attendance for a half term = 5 counters
  • Demonstration of school values=1 counter
  • Receipt of values postcard through the post =2 counters
  • Fantastic=3 counters
  • Times table Rockstar award=1 counters
  • Handwriting award=1 counter
  • Spelling shed/maths shed winner per week =1 counter
  • Dinner staff will be given 5 counter vouchers per week (maximum) to use at lunchtimes which children can exchange for a counter from their teacher.
  • Counters can also be given for exceptional achievements.
  • Sports day winning team=10 counters
  • House competition winners=10 counters (LI will organise inter house competitions in collaboration with subject leaders)

When children receive a counter they must put it in their house section of the collection box. The counters are to be used sparingly on purpose to promote a sense of achievement and maintain their special meaning.

There will be a winner every half term, we will keep a running total of winning houses which will result in an end of year overall house winner. This will be recorded on our new school house display board in the main entrance.

Every half term we will total each house's counters and there will be a winner. The winning house will receive a treat.

  • This will be an extra playtime, a certificate and a pencil.
  • All the children in the winning house will then be entered into a raffle and one child will win a prize. This is to promote our values of support, friendship, kindness and also the ongoing importance of team work.

The end of year overall winning house will receive a:

  • Team trophy, a medal, a certificate and two children from the winning house will be chosen from the raffle.