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‘If you believe, you will achieve’



Year 4 collaborating and persevering 


This Halloween Year 4 were set the challenge of making a skeleton. They were each given a set amount of resources they could use but were not given any instructions to follow. The children had to persevere and collaborate to complete. Each child was successful and made a variety of skeleton pictures. Well done Year 4.

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Please see attached document for an update on BLP this year.


Change over day collaboration


On change over day we practiced using one of our learning behaviours-collaboration. The Year 5 children who are moving into Mrs Blair's Year 6 class took on the marshmallow challenge!


The challenge was to build the tallest structure which could hold a single marshmallow using spaghetti, string and sellotape. It could not be supported or nibbled at!


The children had to work together, listen to eachother, suggest ideas and problem solve. Some found it quite challenging and the children who collaborated best finished first. Those who struggled to work together did not manage to even create a standing structure. The children learnt a lot from this challenge.




This year at Richmond Hill we are introducing Building Learning Power (BLP).


This involves children taking responsibility for their own learning and understanding their learning. We are trialling this in 3 classes across the school before fully implementing this throughout the whole school.


Our first learning behaviour focus is collaboration this means teaching children strategies to enable them to work together and problem solve. From this children will learn skills such as 'try 3 before me' (trying 3 strategies before asking the teacher) and team work.


To find out more information about BLP here is a link to the site.